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Harris Solaris™ solar battery backup power.


more reliable


more reliable
Put the power in your own hands.

It’s about time to take control of our destiny. It’s about time we free ourselves with our own solar off-the-grid systems and stop relying on officials and bureaucracies we’ve learned we can’t rely on. Join us in breaking free from the energy stronghold, the power monopoly that’s been made to make us powerless.

Now — WE have the power!

Harris Solaris puts you in charge of your own power. All you need is your own solar battery backup to capture energy you can store the better way, the lithium way. Harris Solaris has created the most efficient compact lithium energy storage technology, that’s run with our own proprietary battery management system. It's now possible to get your own solar off-the-grid system. (And this isn’t just talk. We have an owner who’s getting close to being completely off the grid, even in the middle of a dark Ohio winter!)

Harris Solaris is the best choice whether:
  • you want to get off the grid entirely
  • you want a backup you can rely on in case of another massive energy failure
  • you need a way to bring power to out-of-the-way places like a cabin
  • or you want to save money (especially while energy bills keep skyrocketing) to as little as $0 per month
Lithium Solar Battery Storage Technology. At Home. Off The Grid. Harris Solaris Solar Off-the-Grid Systems.
Lithium is better than acid, and Harris Solaris beats ordinary lithium.
A choice for every need — up to 1 MWh total.
Harris Solaris Lithium (HSLi48) Renewable Solar Battery Storage
31.0 kWh
31 kilowatt hour capacity | 51.2 volts
Solar Lithium Battery Bank
20.5 kWh
20.5 kilowatt hour capacity | 51.2 volts
Solar Lithium Battery Bank
10.2 kWh
10.2 kilowatt hour capacity | 51.2 volts
Solar Lithium Battery Bank
Our secret weapon:
The Harris Solaris Solar Battery Management System
Harris Solaris Battery Management System.

Harris Solaris lithium solar battery backup banks are known for superior technology and performance, but there is more to the story. Even the best residential solar off-the-grid system needs a control system to maximize performance, regulate energy consumption and protect your investment.

Our proprietary Harris Solaris Battery Management System (BMS) exercises overall control of the solar battery storage pack to make sure it’s operating within the set, safe parameters, including the following:

  • Temperature — Overall and cell temperature monitoring
  • Voltage — At the cell level and overall pack monitoring
  • Current — Current measurement, high current exceeding the set parameters
  • Open wire protection
  • SOC — The State of Charge has an important role in determining the remaining capacity of the battery pack
  • SOH — State of Health is an important indicator of the battery's life
  • Manual fault reset functionality
  • Fail-safe technology — Including multiple contactors that are controlled by the BMS
  • Pre-charge circuitry — Helps smoothly turn on a battery pack paired with an inverter, eliminating any high current draw and sparks, to protect the electronics in the contactor
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